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Dear Omega Pattern players,

It’s been three months since we released the first part of Omega Pattern and we would like to share with you some details about the current state of the project. Most of the info about the Omega Pattern project is covered in the FAQ section of our website, but we’ll try to give you further details about it on this announcement.

We’ve received some great feedback and reviews of the first part of Omega Pattern but there are some users who felt disappointed with the length of this part too. We respect everyone’s opinion and we take all them into account in order to improve Omega Pattern, but we’d like to take this announcement to clarify some details about Borokai Studio and the Omega Pattern project.

Borokai Studio is an indie group and Omega Pattern is his first indie visual novel. Besides being indie, Omega Pattern intends to be a very long visual novel (+40 hours). It’s impossible to afford this kind of project by an indie group without economic support, and here’s where the first part of Omega Pattern appears. We covered the first part expenses and released it without Kickstarter, Patreon or any kind of crowdfunding campaign because we wanted to show you the main concept of Omega Pattern (a visual novel where you define the main character’s personality and Pattern) before using this kind of resources.

Omega Pattern is a commercial project. In order to complete it, the writer, artists, programmer, translator, etc. have to be paid so we decided to sell the first part of the visual novel for $5. We think that this is a cheap price since there are lots of visual novels which offer 2 hours of gameplay by $10 and we are offering +6 hours at half the price.

We’d like to clarify that we have estimated that getting one ending takes about 2 hours and the game should be replayed from the start in order to appreciate how the decisions you make really affect to the different behaviours that Shaiel can develop and the situations that he can face.

Omega Pattern is not an episodic visual novel. Our current intention is to release DLCs and bundles with the full Beast, King and Astral routes. The decisions you make in the first part give you access to these routes, but they won’t affect their course. This means that you don’t have to replay the first part again when we release the routes DLCs.

The decision system that we’ll use for the routes won’t allow us to separate them into more parts since we want that every decision you make can cause an impact on the story as it advances as well as in the endings. Every route will be different and we’d like to give them an estimated duration of 15 hours (the amount of hours will depend on the support that we can get with the first part sales and a future Kickstarter campaign).

We’d like to finish this announcement offering you the OST DLC with the Original Mix bonus tracks for FREE and asking our future customers to support the project buying the first part of Omega Pattern on where we’ll give you a Steam key with your purchase.

Don’t forget to keep supporting the Omega Pattern project on Facebook, Twitter and the visual novel communities!

Thanks everybody!

David Ridao, Omega Pattern developer.

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    • Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your message. We’re currently featuring the first part of Omega Pattern in order to get resources for the next part, but we are also working on the development of the second part and the Kickstarter campaign that we would like to launch in the near future. Though we can’t give you an estimate release date of the DLC yet, we hope to give you further details about the project status after Christmas. Sorry for the inconveniences and thank you very much for your patience!

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