Borokai Studio is a small indie group of professionals and friends that seek to offer a more personal and deeper experience in the visual novel genre.

Omega Pattern is our first indie and ambitious visual novel project which offers a variable multiple-choice decision system on its first part. This means that both the number of decision points and the number of choices or options that you will find in those decision points may vary according to your previous decisions during the game.

In Omega Pattern we ‘reinvent’ the visual novel concept by giving you the opportunity to choose the main character’s personality in a prologue where you will recall his past. Every personality defines a character with his own storyline which will change as you advance on the story and keep making decisions. The results will depend on the consistency of the character and the impact that your decisions have in the world.

In addition to this, the narrative style is different from other visual novels, letting you get into the main character’s head instead of being a mere spectator. We avoid the use of tedious descriptions to explain what’s happening and make use of the main character’s reactions and thoughts to make the scenes more realistic.


Early history

We have already released the Omega Pattern's first part (it lasts over 6 hours) and free demo which are available on Steam (it has been Greenlit by the Community),, Google Play and the App Store. The free Original Soundtrack DLC is also avaiable on Steam.

We covered the first part expenses and released it without Kickstarter, Patreon or any kind of crowdfunding campaign because we wanted to show you the main concept of Omega Pattern (a visual novel where you define the main character’s personality and Pattern) before using this kind of resources. However, the decision system that we’ll use for the final part won’t allow us to separate them into more parts since we want that every decision you make can cause an impact on the story as it advances as well as in the endings, so we wanted to use both the first part earnings and a Kickstarter funding to develop the big final part.

After that

Unfortunately, our Kickstarter campaign didn't get enough funds for the Omega Pattern Final Part nor DLC continuation, so we are currently looking for collaborators and volunteers to develop and finish the Omega Pattern's Final Part.




  • Omega Pattern HD is delightful, interesting, and above all else, worth the price of admission... It's going to be a lot of fun to see how this story progresses as the future episodes come out, as Shaiel's story is definitely going to feel unique amongst the many other entries in this genre.
    Thom Compton, Cubed3
  • The story is genuinely intriguing and the choices you get to make actually impacts the story, which is a nice touch... The soundtrack is really solid... Fans of the genre who don’t mind trading in length for replay value should definitely try out Omega Pattern.
    GAMERamble, GAMERamble
  • A very promising visual novel... Play your part in a strange world controlled by a powerful corporation and make the desired choices to steer the plot... Fight against an evil organization bent on ruling the world... Nice artwork and many choices to be made.
    Alexandru Dulcianu, Sofpedia
  • At this current point, Omega Pattern is already a great title and it has me awaiting what comes next for my multiple versions of Shaiel and the decisions that have affected the men that he has become.
    Pierre-Yves, CGR

Team & Repeating Collaborator

David Ridao Sánchez
Director, Producer, Developer, Designer and Founder
Manuel Miguel Carmona Méndez
Writer and Founder
Jose Luis Carmona Espinosa
Character and CG Artist
Dao Nguyen
BG Artist
Frances Jenner